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Balancing on a turnkey basis

Balancing rotors up to 20 tons

Thanks to the new balancing machine we can balance any rotors up to 20 tons. We can pre-spin, balance but also spin rotors. For customers from abroad we have the possibility of balancing while you wait. Everything here is on agreement so that the customer saves delivery time and shipping costs.

  • How the balancing services work
  • What we balance
  • Parameters of the balancing machine
How the balancing services work

You will provide us with your demands and we will propose a solution in return. Thanks to our experience and expertise in this industry, we are able to offer this service in many different engineering fields.

Balancing of rotors up to 20 tons is done in accordance with ISO 1940 specifications for rotation both dynamically in two planes and statically in one plane. We also balance in three planes both at a low speed and in a speed up to 1,800 rpm.

We are able to spin-test rotors as well. We are working on a horizontal balancing machine, which allows precise balancing of a large spectrum of rotors with own pins. We remove the imbalance by balancing pads, grinding, drilling or deburring of the material according to the customer’s specification or by welding counterweights.

What we balance

We mainly do the balancing of water turbines (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan turbines), flexible and rigid cylindrical rotors, such as anchor motors, any type of cylinders, we also know how to balance fans, rotors for agricultural machinery, rotors for crushers of plastic, stone or wood or pump rotors. We use PTO shafts to balance belt pulleys, flywheels or cogwheels.


  • All types of turbines, Pelton turbines, Francis turbines, Kaplan turbines
  • Rotors for crushing plastic, wood, and stone
  • All types of cylinders – paper, transport, etc.
  • Rotors of agricultural machinery – mulchers etc.
  • Impellers – fans
  • Electric rotors – anchors
  • Compressors
  • Shafts
  • Flywheels
  • Complete equipment for balancing both flexible and rigid rotors
Parameters of the balancing machine
Rotor weight for balancing 20,000 kg
Maximum lenght of rotor 11,000 mm
Total bed length (split) 12,600 mm
Maximum balancing diameter of the rotor above the bed 2,550 mm
Maximum balancing diameter of the rotor between the bed/pit 4,000 mm
Maximum drive speed 1,800 rpm

Contact us with your request for balancing or machining. We will gladly offer you a solution and pricing.