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Bearing diagnostics

We provide comprehensive services in the field of technical diagnostics of machines and equipment as well as bearing condition detection of your machines or motors. In measuring the condition of bearings, we provide everything on a turnkey basis, directly at your company.

  • Bearing diagnostics services
  • When is bearings diagnostics necessary?
  • Our experience and know-how
Bearing diagnostics services
  • Thanks to professional bearing diagnostics we can help you with condition prediction and we can inform you about further functioning of bearings. We will tell you how your bearings work, whether they are still in order or need replacement, thus eliminating the possibility of an accident or unplanned machine shutdown.
  • We avoid these unnecessary costs and waste time for possible repairs by planning maintenance with you. All measurements are carried out in your company even during full operation.
  • We have been dealing with machines and equipment vibrodiagnostics for more than 10 years, thanks to which we are able to offer you advice on a wide range of vibrations.
When is bearings diagnostics necessary?

The main objective of bearings diagnostics is to reveal the actual state of the equipment, thus allowing for maintenance planning, minimizing unnecessary repairs and preventing emergency states (downtime).

Bearing diagnostics is one of the methods of non-destructive and non-disassembly diagnostics of rotary machines and equipment. A thorough knowledge of the machine’s technical condition will help you decide how long you can still operate your device or decide to shut down and carry out necessary repairs. Vibration analysis reveals states such as unbalance, misalignment, damage to bearings or transmission, etc.

Our experience and know-how

Our employees have more than 9 years experience in the field of vibrational diagnostics in various areas of the industry.

We are holders of Vibration Diagnostic Certificates.

We also have knowledge in the field of oscillation and vibration theory, which we can reliably use and apply in practice.