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CNC machining

CNC turning

We offer the possibility of manufacture from simple turned parts to articulate shafts and other complex rotating parts. Using high-performance CNC lathes and advanced machine tools, we are able to handle not only conventional steel grades, but also cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys including the machining of castings. Surface finishing is of course included.

  • Advantages of CNC machining in our workshop
  • Parameters of turning
  • Other services
Advantages of CNC machining in our workshop

We have experience in piece production, small-scale production, and large series, from small parts to parts of the dimensional capacity of our machines.

We do not hesitate to invest in modern CNC machine tools as well as in improving the knowledge and skills of our employees. Our CNC machining centers can work in a three-shift operation mode, which guarantees an extremely flexible response to your often very demanding time requirements.

Thanks to our flexibility we can offer very good prices for metalworking, especially for a large series production.

Parameters of turning


Maximum turning diameter above the bed mm 680
Maximum machining diameter mm 530
Total length mm 720
Other services
  • Surface finishing according to customer requirements
  • Assembly of subassemblies
  • Rubberizing
  • Heat treating
  • Cutting by laser, plasma, water jet
  • Electro-erosive machining

For the greater comfort of our customers, we offer other services such as purchasing input materials, construction, surface and heat treatment, parts measurement, product balancing, certified tests according to customer requirements, inspection protocols, product packaging and so on.