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Vibration diagnostics

Comprehensive services in the field of technical diagnostics and detecting the state of the machinery. As part of the vibration measurement of bearings and industrial machines, we can provide all services at your place.

  • Vibration diagnostics services
  • When is vibration diagnostics necessary?
  • Our experience and know-how
Vibration diagnostics services
  • Vibration analysis, vibration measurement of machines (electric motors, pumps, fans, spindles of machine tools, vacuum pumps, rotary parts of machines, etc.).
  • One-time vibration measurements based on customer requirements (assessment of the machine’s immediate state, solving potential problems).
  • Periodic measurements of production machines and equipment, monitoring of bearings’ condition, detection of dynamic states as unbalance, misalignment, etc.
  • Implementation of vibration diagnostics into the maintenance system.
  • Advice, technical assistance, consultation and other services.
When is vibration diagnostics necessary?

The main objective of vibration diagnostics is to reveal the actual state of the equipment, thus allowing for maintenance planning, minimizing unnecessary repairs and preventing emergency states (downtime).

Vibration diagnostics (also vibrodiagnostics or vibration measurement) is one of the methods of non-destructive and non-disassembly diagnostics of rotary machines and equipment. A thorough knowledge of the machine’s technical condition will help you decide how long you can still operate your device or decide to shut down and carry out necessary repairs. Vibration analysis reveals states such as unbalance, misalignment, damage to bearings or transmission, etc.

Our experience and know-how

Our employees have more than 9 years experience in the field of vibrational diagnostics in various areas of the industry.

We are holders of Vibration Diagnostic Certificates.

We also have knowledge in the field of oscillation and vibration theory, which we can reliably use and apply in practice.